Thursday, October 30, 2008

I voted already! Have you?


Friday, October 24, 2008

{{{{{Pumpkin Patch 2008}}}}

Bell Family Farm in Tyler

Carly and her friend Ruthie

And finally, the pumpkins!

Caleb and his friend Timothy (Ruthie's big brother)

Carly and the Great Pumpkin

This is funny because last year Caleb was Charlie Brown for Halloween

Hugging Chuck

Cool Old Truck

The news

So, I'm sure you are all just dying to hear the details of my last post right? Well good, here they are. First let me start by saying, whoever invented the little potty chair with sound effects.. GENIUS. Caleb gets tickled to death to hear the potty singing when he pees or poops in it. I love to hear him say, "It's just singing and singing and singing!" (Yes, he says all those words together!) So anyway, yesterday he took himself to the potty like he's been doing for about 2 weeks, and I hear the potty singing (another good thing about it-- I don't have to watch him go, I can just come in when I hear it sing), so I peek around the corner, and pour on the praise for going peepee in the potty, and Caleb stands up and bends over and looks between his legs into the potty and says, "There's poopoo in there too!"

So, I was overwhelmed with the sight and smells of a kid who uses the potty for #2... it's okay, at least it's not in the pullup, or underwear... eww.

So far, no more poo sightings, but he can't hold it in forever, so we'll see where the next one lands. I'm telling you, being a parent sends all inhibition out the window. We regularly talk about peeing and pooping at the dinner table. Although, if I'm ever invited to your dinner table, I shall politely refrain. Your welcome!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cowboys Redskins Game

My mom scored free tickets to the Dallas Washington game last sunday, so we skipped out on church to sit in the endzone (the shady one!!) only 35 rows up. It was AWESOME. I have never been to a pro football game, and it was quite an experience. Kinda like nascar, it is a culture of people who do this all the time. Or at least they look like they do. The tailgating, the booze, and jeering at the surprisingly high number of Redskins fans, it was very interesting. Texas Stadium was neat, but after we got in Greg and I discovered why Mr. Jones is building Jerryland-- that place is OLD, and kinda small, and a little creepy. The hallways are narrow and dark, and the seats have chipped paint. Other than that, the place is very cool. We had a very fun time with three old ladies as company (my mom, my grandma, and my grandma's childhood friend). Greg and his women.. :)

Here is proof we were there:

video of Tony Romo coming into the stadium:

TO's touchdown -- that's him strutting in the endzone.

Caleb's souvenir from his Mawmaw:

I really wanted a pink Tony Romo jersey.... but I don't love Tony Romo enough to pay $85! Liked the baby jerseys, but I don't love either of my kids enough to pay $65!