Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Kept Happening

Christmas Morning. 4:45 am. Little feet came running into our room, "Mommy Daddy there's presents!! Santa brought presents!" We got up for Santa, Round 1:

At 5:20 am, we convinced Caleb that since the rules are he isn't supposed to get up until it's light outside, and it was still dark, we should go back to bed and wait for the sun to come up, and Carly too. It worked! We put him back in his room, and at 7:20 we all got up again for Santa, Round 2:

showing Carly what she got

showing her the stocking

Girly Girly Girly!

Caleb's train whistle was a hit!

The Damage

After Santa was thoroughly explored, we loaded up and headed to Aledo to have lunch with my mom's side of the family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were there, and much fun and food was had!

Carly and my Uncle Steve

Caleb waiting to open his pile

I reupholstered the seat of this chair for my grandma's music room

Aprons for mom

New scarf! Thanks mom!!

Carly's new baby

Caleb's new truck, excuse me, CRANE.

more pictures of small children opening presents

The day after Christmas we went to my dad's for the final celebration, with more food, and more fun.


Carly is eyeing Caleb's cars

He couldn't be bothered for a picture


oh, and my scarf collection:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Happened!

It's late, and I want to be asleep. But then I realize there are no photos of Christmas on my blog. WHAT! It's three days after Christmas! What a slacker I have become. I won't mention the mound of sewing I've gotten done today, or the four loads of laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and dinner cooked. I'm strictly measuring my effectiveness by the updatedness of my blog. Behold, I am redeemed:

Christmas has happened again!

Christmas with the Rices and Lyles

proof that Carly is related to Greg. Look at their matching mouths:

what is in the BIG present??

A Fire House/Police Station!

A very cool one

had to include this one of Greg trying to get a picture

Christmas Eve Fun

marshmallow man

snow flurries on Christmas Eve!

Carly was not amused

Opening presents as a family on Christmas Eve

RRRRRRR! Rip that paper!

helping Greg open his present

why is it so cute to take a million pictures of toddlers opening presents?

Daddy's first My Little Pony

When Caleb unwrapped this box he stopped and said, "Thank you for my present Mommy and Daddy!" I told him to keep going, silly!

This face is priceless

And so is this one!

immediately enthralled

playing the hairstylist

Mom and Dad's turn

I think he likes his new pillow (and I get to throw out the ratty old one!)

What is THIS???

A new fan! The one in our bedroom is UGLY and it ticks. Oh how I love my new fan! (The installation is blog material for another day!)

MUCH More to come!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's 8:39pm as I type this, and I am listening to the sounds of a toddler calling out sweetly from her bed, to be freed. She went to bed at 8:10pm.

"MommyDaddy come and get me out of hee-ah!"

"Daddy come hee-ah"

"Let me out!"

Sorry, Carly. That's life, baby girl.

Yesterday, we had our first Christmas gathering with the Rice family. The kids were very well-behaved, with no naps at all. My counselor brother-in-law commented that around 6:45pm when Caleb was prancing around and shaking himself and making strange boy noises and acting like a three-year-old running on fumes inevitably does, that it would be immediately followed by a meltdown. We proved him wrong on this one, and Caleb was just the sweetest little boy ever. All day long! What a trooper! Carly was herself and entertained everyone with her want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it attitude, but somehow cute at the same time. I definitely have been blessed with two polar opposite personality children who bring unspeakable joy to my life.

[insert photos here when you get a chance to get them off the camera.]

Our good friends, the Darlings, should be boarding a plane any minute to come HOME from three years of living in Aviano, Italy. Brian is in the US Army, and Tiana, Kennedy (almost 5), Missy and Rusty (the pups), have made a life for themselves over there. I know she will miss her friends she has made, but I am selfishly very glad for her to be back in the States. North Carolina is still too far away, but at least I can afford plane fare to get there. I am only a little disappointed I never got to visit her in Italy and do the Europe tour. Someday we'll have to go back and she can show me around, and I won't look like a tourist because I'll be traveling with an expert!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She says funny stuff

Today I went for a dental cleaning, and left the kids at home with Mom-o to take their naps. When I got home she tells me Caleb told her, "Momo, I LOVE your hair!" He is such a sweetiepie!!

Carly is ever the stinker, Momo told me Carly yelled at her after she put her in her bed and closed the door. Carly was yelling and crying, "Momo I NEEEEEED you!!" "Momo come get me out!!!" I laughed when I heard that, and thought it was pretty funny that she had said so many words at once. She does talk in sentences, but I was surprised at that many words.. until just a minute ago when she woke up and doesn't know Momo is gone and Mommy is back. She is in her bed yelling, "Momo come get me out right now!!!"

Cute little people!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Update from Santa

So after exhausting searches, calling in for backups, hours on the internet, etc., a BIG police car was nowhere to be found (and budgeted for). So this morning I showed Caleb some pictures on the internet of a few affordable options, and explained to him that they were all pretty small, but still fun. He saw one that was a police car and police tow truck set, and he said he wanted that one.. then I suggested we go to the toy store and let him show me exactly what he wants, and then we'll write a letter to Santa (he wanted to write a letter "F", since it's the only one he knows!) and ask him for those things.

Well, in the process of walking through ToyRUs-- which, I should have known would be a huge mistake in the first place-- Caleb has changed his mind.. in fact, he changed it four times.

This is his new list:

And that "police officer" and "fire man" needed a little clarification for me to understand, and he told me he wants a REAL police officer and a REAL Fireman... hmmm. Perhaps Santa will return us a letter and tell Caleb he has made an appointment with the Fire Station and Police Station on Christmas Eve.

This is the FINAL list, because we put it in an envelope and are going to send it to Santa at the North Pole!

Also, I've heard that a few other things have been spoken for already. Carly is getting some shirts, the Cars cars are bought for Caleb, Santa is taking care of the Thomas tracks/trains, Santa is also bring Carly a helmet (a cute pink one!).

On the doll accessories, I found the perfect size and brand for the dollhouse.. It is called Loving Family by Fisher Price and they sell room sets and people sets for reasonable prices. I believe she is getting the doll house for her birthday (January 10th) so no huge hurry on the doll stuff.

I am in the process of getting more Christmas poses in front of the tree, and then Christmas cards will be the next project. I'm deep into the handmade Christmas gifts already, so just call me Santa's helper (or heck, just call me Santa!! I sure do feel like I have Santa's workshop right here in my house!)

Merry Christmas! Remember the stop and think about the baby in the manger and the REAL reason for the season.